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The boy bob is set to be the biggest haircut of 2022

According to this top hair insider…



Kim Kardashian looks *so* different with side-bangs in a 2005 throwback picture posted by Kourtney

Time to give the noughties fringe a revival?


I took TikTok's advice and started shaving down there with a beard trimmer

My sensitive skin and depression-fuelled laziness are truly thanking me right now. 



Hair Trends

Mermaid waves are hot hair news this year, and J.Lo's showing us how it's done

There's a new hype queen in town...

Celebrity Beauty

Billie Eilish was secretly a redhead for a week

Proof she looks great in any hair shade.


GLAMOUR Tries: We tested the 9000 Cordless Hot Brush from Babyliss to see if we could achieve that '70s flick

A professional looking blow-dry at home? Sign us up!

These are the best solo travel destinations for women in 2022

Whether you want a backpacking adventure or chill beach days in the sun.


6 wedding dress trends to expect in 2022, from ethereal Princess silhouettes to dramatic sleeves

Weddings are back in a big way.


Why gratitude is key to manifesting your goals and dreams in 2022

Roxie Nafousi on the power of embracing true gratitude.


Going vegan? Here's everything you need to know

Millions swear by veganism to beat bloating, boost skin and raise energy levels. If you want what they’re (not) having, read our guide…


So, you’ve been lied to about how much men want sex  

If a man has ever chosen to watch the “fun run” episode of The Office instead of having sex with you, well, join the club. 

Celebrity News

The Harry Potter special hilariously mistook Emma Roberts for Emma Watson

And Watson responded!

TV Shows

Pam & Tommy stars Lily James as a young Pamela Anderson and delves into that 1995 sex tape – and the shocking full trailer is out

Sebastian Stan will be the Tommy to her Pammy. 

Is Desperate Housewives on course for a revival? It certainly looks that way…

We're ready for you, Gabrielle, Bree, Lynette and Susan! 

Licorice Pizza is the breakout coming-of-age film that people are going wild for

We're obsessed. You're obsessed. Everyone's obsessed. 

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